Video - 20 years on...David Beckham remembers THAT goal

Beckham's strike propelled him to stardom
Beckham's strike propelled him to stardom

Can it really be 20 years since David Beckham scored the goal that propelled him on his way to world superstardom?

Well, we can all start to feel a little older now as this date marks the anniversary of Beckham’s famous goal for Manchester United against Wimbledon at Selhurst Park, as he blasted a strike from inside his own half to beat Dons keeper Neil Sullivan.

United won that game with something to spare, but it was Beckham’s iconic goal that lived long in the memory, with his own recollections of the moment confirming it remains at the top of his own moment’s of glory.

“My favourite goal has to be the one against Wimbledon, everybody talks about it,” he says.

“It was important for me personally in my career, but I was more happy about the fact that Eric Cantona came up to me afterwards and said: "Good goal". That was better than scoring the goal for me.

“He was a quiet man Eric and when he actually talked to you it was always something special that he said or some information that you really needed.”

It was a moment that kick-started Beckham’s elevation to global superstar status and it was fitting that Manchester United tweeted out a clip to remind us all two decades on: