Video: Sexton, O'Connell and Henshaw talk World Cup memories

Sexton, O'Connell and Henshaw discuss World Cup camps
Sexton, O'Connell and Henshaw discuss World Cup camps

Three get Johnny Sexton, Paul O'Connell and Robbie Henshaw around a table to talk about the upcoming World Cup and what the keys to a successful camp are.

There are only days to go until the big kick off and today the Irish team travel to the UK to set up their base for the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

The team have been together for many weeks now but a succesful camp will be key to the team performing to their best over the next seven weeks.

Three put three key men, with different levels of World Cup experience, around a table to discuss just how important the group all fitting in together is to success.

O'Connell and Sexton also tell some hair-raising stories about what went on in New Zealand four years ago while the Munster legend also makes sure to get a few good digs in on his Leinster team-mate too.

Meanwhile Henshaw recalls the last World Cup too, but his memories are as a fifth year student in school!