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UFC champion Jon Jones stripped of title and suspended indefinitely

UFC superstar Jon Jones has been suspended
UFC superstar Jon Jones has been suspended

Jon Jones, arguably the best known fighter in the UFC, has been stripped of his light heavyweight title and suspended indefinitely after he was arrested in connection with an alleged hit and run incident.

The news was announced on TV last night by UFC head honcho Dana White after days of speculation about Jones' future in the sport.

The promotion then released this statement:

“UFC announced that it has suspended Jon Jones indefinitely and stripped him of the light heavyweight title as a result of violations of the organization’s Athlete Code of Conduct Policy. Jones was recently arrested in Albuquerque, N.M., on a felony charge of leaving the scene of an accident involving personal injury. As a result of the charge and other violations of the Athlete Code of Conduct Policy, the organization believes it is best to allow Jones time to focus on his pending legal matters.

“UFC feels strongly that its athletes must uphold certain standards both in and out of the Octagon. While there is disappointment in the recent charges, the organization remains supportive of Jones as he works through the legal process.

“With this decision, UFC has determined that No. 1 contender Anthony Johnson will now fight No. 3 contender Daniel Cormier for the UFC light heavyweight championship at UFC 187 on May 23 in Las Vegas.”

This is not the first bit of bother Jones has gotten into this year. In January it was announced that he had failed a drug test after traces of cocaine were found in his system. That resulted in a one-night spell in rehab and he went on to say that he was not an addict and was 'just caught with his pants down'.

At the scene of the incident in Albuquerque, in which the injured party was a pregnant woman, Jones' car was found to have a pipe with marijuana in it.

This latest trouble is far more serious than his first drug issue and it looks like it could spell the end of his career in the UFC, at least for the foreseeable future.

If so, it would be a remarkable fall from grace for the man they call Bones.

On the UFC site he is still rated as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the promotion and his record of 22 fights and one loss (a disqualification in 2009) is right up there with the best that ever fought in MMA.

At 27, there is still time for Jones to clean up his act and return to the peak of the sport but for now Jones needs to focus on other matters before he can even think about fighting again. If found guilty, the maximum penalty for this offence in New Mexico is three years in jail.

UPDATE: 14.24:

There's more bad news for Jones