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Aldo: I'm a Klopp-timist after Jurgen's first game as manager

Aldo is not alone in believing in the German
Aldo is not alone in believing in the German

Everything has been positive about Jurgen Klopp’s first few days as Liverpool manager and that mood of optimism continued at White Hart Lane.

Okay, the spectacle both sides provided in the 0-0 draw was not the best, but this was a Liverpool team without Christian Benteke and Daniel Sturridge leading their line and it was up to the home side to take advantage of Liverpool’s problems and push for the win.

In the end, Klopp’s men held them off with a degree of comfort and the new boss will be delighted to end his first game with a clean sheet and a point that was all positive in my eyes.

There was a lack of quality in the final third for both teams, but that can be explained for Liverpool with Benteke and Sturridge sitting on the sidelines.

Get those proven forwards fit and firing and Liverpool will wins games of the type we saw on Saturday, but there must be a concern about the latest injury afflicting Sturridge.

I’m not sure what the problem is this time, but this has been a recurring theme for Liverpool over the last year and more, with the wait for Sturridge to have a run in the side without injury apparently never ending.

The club are wrapping him in cotton wool, trying to make sure they get him on the pitch as often as possible, but we are now expecting him to break down at any moment.

This is a problem Klopp will have to work around, but he is worth the persistence because we see the quality the lad brings to the team when he is fit and firing.

What I liked about Liverpool under Klopp was the attitude and the energy levels of the players.

He promotes a pressing game and that demands a lot of hard work from players, which is what we saw from Liverpool at White Hart Lane.

At the end of the day, everyone associated with Liverpool were crying out for a change of direction and we have got that now.

No disrespect to Brendan Rodgers, who did his best to find a winning formula at the club during his time as manager, but Liverpool needed something new and Klopp could give us that.

He has handled himself well with the media so far, he has been seen out in the bars of Liverpool and comes across as a man of the people.

Of course, all that matters is his ability to get results for Liverpool when it matters most and he needs to be given time to bed down his ideas.

Liverpool supporters are no fools and they will appreciate that it will take time for Klopp to get his ideas across to the players, but I like what I see from him early on.

We will not see the Klopp vision of Liverpool coming to the fore for weeks and probably even months, as he has yet to get a chance to influence the squad in the transfer market and has only been working with the players for two or three days.

At this point, it’s all about taking small strides forward and a point away at Tottenham is decent start to his story on Merseyside.

A return to Europa League action beckons on Thursday and that will give Klopp another chance to look at a few more players in his squad.

It will also be great to see the reaction he gets when he has his first game at Anfield and it is good to see a smile back on the face of Liverpool fans once again.

The Klopp era is underway at Liverpool and we can all look forward to what promises to be an exciting period in the club’s history.