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Aldo: A much-needed win for Liverpool but the defence was a SHAMBLES

Rodgers was bailed out by the brilliance of his attacking players – and especially Daniel Sturridge
Rodgers was bailed out by the brilliance of his attacking players – and especially Daniel Sturridge

Nobody wants to see managers lose their jobs, but we should not feel sorry for Brendan Rodgers in his current plight.

After a horrible week that has seen a load of negative headlines rush Brendan’s way, who should remind ourselves that life as a modern day manager is not too shabby.

If Brendan gets the sack from Liverpool, he will get a £5m pay-off and will never have to work again.

It’s not a bad result if you fail in your job, but that is the way football management is now.

I’d have loved that kind of pay-off when my time as a manager came to an end, but the game has changed now.

The kind of financial rewards on offer to all in the game mean you have to produce the goods or people will be after you.

If you agree to become manager of Liverpool Football Club, you have to win matches and a lot of them.

And when you have a run of results like Brendan has had in 2015, people will start to ask questions.

It reached a point where we all knew that Rodgers could not afford another bad result against Aston Villa on Saturday, and he got the win he needed.

It was far from the perfect performance and, defensively, Liverpool were an absolute shambles.

If you asked me to give a mark out of ten for the defence, I’d have to go with a big, fat ZERO.

Every time an average Villa side went forward, it looked like they were going to score – and that is a major worry.

Liverpool play Everton in a massive game at Goodison Park next weekend and, if they defend like they did at the weekend, they will get beaten.

It might sound like I am being a little too negative after a much-needed win, but the confidence of the defenders is shot to pieces – and he needs to sort that out quickly.

Not for the first time, the manager was bailed out by the brilliance of his attacking players – and especially Daniel Sturridge.

This guy is a class act and Liverpool have to do all they can keep him fit in the next few months, because he will score 20 goals or more this season if they can keep him on the pitch.

The finishes Sturridge produced against Villa were top quality and he could have had a hat-trick if it were not for a great save from Brad Guzan.

Danny Ings is also impressing and, if they can get Christian Bentake working in tandem with Sturridge up front and have Phillipe Countinho pulling the midfield strings, they will give anyone a problem going forward.

The Villa game reminded me of the side from a couple of seasons back, who nearly won the league by outscoring rivals and ignoring the defensive side of the game.

You cannot get away with that long-term though, and I wonder whether Brendan has a blind spot when it comes to organising a defence.

Whatever the issue is at the back, at least there is a flicker of light in the dark tunnel for a Liverpool manager who still has a lot of work to do to get people back on his side.

One win against Aston Villa is not the end of the crisis for Rodgers at Liverpool, but at least it was a start