August 19th, 2017

Charlie Nicholas

United boss has earned his respect

A knockout blow is not a certainty

Reds need to keep it Real in league bid

MANCHESTER UNITED's clash with Real Madrid is a mouth-watering prospect, but for now the Red Devils have to park it and focus on domestic matters and an away clash with Swansea

Wenger has to buy well in New Year

Sweet Sixteen not an end to Hoops' party

Kilbane hangs up his boots

Out of order to call for Arsene's job

ARSENE WENGER is probably under more scrutiny now than ever before throughout his time as manager of Arsenal

Let's hope the beaten Bhoys still believe

Role of the striker has changed now

Bhoys have a killer blow for Benfica

CELTIC have surpassed all expectations this season in the Champions League and deserve all the praise that has come their way as a result