Liveline covers Conor McGregor press conference, Twitter goes crackers

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Conor McGregor.jpg

Notorious rolled into Dublin yesterday and the antics of the crowd at the Convention Centre got caused a stir

Yesterday in Dublin saw the end of Conor McGregor's World Tour to promote his title fight with Jose Aldo at UFC 189 on July.

The Dublin-born contender and the Brazilian champ have been goading each other from Rio to London for the last 10 days and the tour came to an end with an event at Dublin's Convention Centre.

The large crowd, and some of their antics when given the chance to ask questions to both men, drew a lot of criticism on social media yesterday and today Liveline devoted a large part of the show to the spectacle.

They played some audio from the event where some fans swore and abused Aldo when given the chance at the fan Q&A.

Andrew McGahon from SevereMMA spoke to Joe Duffy, telling him that while the behaviour of some fans was indeed out of line, but he tried to emphasise that those fans are not representative of the sport itself.

Duffy then pursued a line of questioning about the sport itself, and that enraged the MMA fans listening.

However, there were also those on social media who agreed with Duffy