Genius Federer ends Murray's Wimbledon dream

Federer far too good for Murray at Wimbledon
Federer far too good for Murray at Wimbledon

The word genius is bestowed on sportsmen with a little too much haste, but Roger Federer emphasized what separates the great from the Gods as he hammered Andy Murray in the Wimbledon semi-final.

The Centre Court crowd were eager to cheer on the home favourite as he attempted to reach his third Wimbledon final, yet this was a day when a world class tennis player was unable to cope with the brilliance of an all-time great.

Serving flawlessly, rarely missing when chances came his way and doing it all in a graceful manner that has been the Federer hallmark throughout his extraordinary career, his magic is still close to the surface as he approaches his 34th birthday.

"I don't think I did a lot wrong," accepted a crestfallen Murray, who was forced to accept that he has been outclassed by his more experienced rival.

"I didn't really have any opportunities on his serve and clearly he deserved to win the match. If he serves like that again on Sunday, he will have a very good chance to win.

"Is he the greatest sportsmen of all-time? I don't know and you look at someone like Lionel Messi and people love the way he plays the game as well.

"These guys make it look so easy, but tennis is a very difficult sport in my opinion."

Federer will now look to win a record breaking eighth Wimbledon title in Sunday's final against Novak Djokovic, with the 17-time Grand Slam winner feeling ready to add another notch to his glorious legacy.

"Andy's been playing very well for the season and there's so much expectation riding on the match that you try to focus and keep it up," Federer said.

"I'm unbelievably happy. I maybe didn't show it as much because the crowd went silent a little bit. People may have expected it to go to four or five sets, me as well.

"I played so well on the biggest occasion today and that's why I got it.

"I've been serving very well for the entire tournament. I kept the pressure up, I went for my shots.

"I kept pushing forwards, stayed focused and it all worked out very well."

Soccer giants Alex Ferguson and Thierry Henry were among those watching on as Federer turned his tennis racquet into a magic wand once again. All of us who were present to witness his latest master class knew we had witnessed something very special.