RTE publish strong final warning to Joe Brolly over on-air behaviour

Joe Brolly
Joe Brolly

RTE Head of Sport Ryle Nugent has issued a stern, and what reads like a final, warning to Joe Brolly over his on-air performance in the wake of the Marty Morrissey 'ugly' comment last weekend.

Last weekend, during the Monaghan/Cavan clash, Brolly said of Cavan's style "Somebody said it's as ugly as Marty Morrissey, their football. Maybe I should apologise to the people of Cavan.”

Brolly was admonished on air by host Michael Lyster and he apologised at half-time saying: “On the other thing, I just wanted to say obviously that what I said about Marty Morrissey earlier was said in the spirit of affection. It wasn't meant literally."

However, the comment has been taken very seriously by the national broadcaster and today Ryle Nugent, RTE's Head of Sport, issued a stern warning to the Derry man.

'I have spoken with Joe Brolly about the comments he made in relation to RTE Sport’s GAA Correspondent and commentator Marty Morrissey on last weekend’s Sunday Game Live broadcast. Joe is acutely aware that his ill-conceived attempt at humour was both inappropriate and extremely hurtful and had no place in any broadcast. Further, Joe is fully cognisant of the fact that similar comments in any future broadcast cannot and will not be tolerated. 
'Joe Brolly has spoken at length with and offered a heartfelt apology to Marty Morrissey which was graciously accepted.
'All parties now consider this matter closed.'

The line about similar comments and non tolerance suggests that if Brolly steps out of line again, he will be shown the door after a long, and controversy marked, spell as the station's main GAA analyst.