Roy Curtis pulls no punches on Darragh O Sé's plan for Connolly

Diarmuid Connolly
Diarmuid Connolly

Our man is not a fan of the scheme devised by the Kerry legend to curb the Dublin hot shot.

In a no-holds-barred opinion piece tomorrow Roy takes on the tactics put forward by O Sé in his midweek column for the Irish Times.

Here is a little taster of the piece, which you can read in full in the paper tomorrow

Here, from one of the greatest footballers the game has seen, was the mask slipping: An insight into the foul pathogen, the Ebola of anything-goes-cynicism, the Black Death of cowardly winding-up, the sleeveen culture that pervades modern football.

As he ponders “how to get at Connolly” (bottom right)  Ó Sé  tells a story about a defender rolling around on the ground with an opposing attacker and suggests that this is the only credible option, the logical, if diseased, pathway to snuff out Dublin’s talisman... “A bit of don’t-ask, don’t-tell stuff off the ball”, is what he recommends.

We'll also have Charlie Redmond's views on the plan to put shackles on the superstar forward.