Frampton teaches Avalos 'manners'


Carl Frampton pulls off a devastating defence of his world title in Belfast

Carl Frampton carried out his promise to teach Chris Avalos some manners with a stunning defence of his IBF World super-bantamweight title in Belfast last night.

The man from Tiger’s Bay in Belfast took his American opponent apart piece by piece until referee Howard Foster ended the punishment midway through the fifth round in a thunderous Odyssey Arena.

Victory was sweet for the Champion, who had been irked by Avalos’ pre-fight rhetoric, aiming to prove a point on both a personal and professional level.

Frampton was ‘weak’ according to the 25-year-old Californian, whose mouthing at the weigh-in only served to sharpen Frampton’s desire.

More than 9000 fans bayed for victory before the cameras of ITV alerted the wider population to the talents of this marvel from North Belfast, and his entrance was roared to the rafters.

Frampton dominated from the start, impervious to Avalos’ arrogance, steel in the eyes, ice in the veins, thunder in the fists.

His right hand pounded Avalos throughout the contest, but the left laid the foundations for victory, catching the visitor napping in the second.

The American was bleating to referee Foster about his arm, claiming Frampton had hurt it mischievously in a clinch, but the official was having none of it and as Avalos looked to the Englishman for support, The Jackal punished with a telling straight left.

Frampton felt his strength ebb away and homed in on victory. A right hand shot over the top in the fifth signalled the end, and although Avalos stayed on his feet gamely, the Champion would not be denied.

He rained punches on his rival, whose legs were visibly wobbling but his spirit kept him standing, before Foster stopped proceedings.

Frampton was hoisted aloft before his adoring public and insisted Avalos got what was coming to him in the aftermath of this sensational display.

“I wanted to teach him some manners,” said the 28-year-old. “He said beforehand “it’s only you and me now”, and called me a bitch and a pussy, he said ‘you fight like a pussy’.

“He still didn’t show respect afterwards, demanding a rematch. He was still talking as he was leaving.

“I respect him as a fighter but not as a man. I don’t like him.

“I thought he was slow and I felt very comfortable in there. He was gone but he stayed on his feet. The referee did the right thing, because he could have got seriously injured.”

“He dismantled him, he took him apart”, purred Frampton’s manager and mentor Barry McGuigan (below), thirty years after he became a World Champion himself.

“Carl Frampton is a sensational fighter and he’s getting better. We want unification fights now, we want to box in England and we want to box in America as well.

“A fight with Scott Quigg could happen if Quigg isn’t too greedy. We’re willing to compromise to make it happen.”