Video: Ronaldo alleged to have made rude gestures to referee

Ronaldo's celebration last night is causing a stir
Ronaldo's celebration last night is causing a stir

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo was part of more controversy following his goal last night, as the Ballon d’Or winner is accused of sending a message to the referee during his celebration.

Cristiano Ronaldo was suggested to have made rude gestures towards the referee during his goal celebration at their 2-0 away win at Rayo Vallecano.

In the 51st minute defender, Antonio Amaya, raced to try and prevent Ronaldo a clear goal scoring opportunity, challenging him inside the penalty area.

At first sight it seemed like the Portuguese star merely slipped, but replays later indicated that in fact the defender did bring the 30-year-old striker down.

Bizarrely referee Melero Lopez refused to whistle a penalty in favour of Madrid and instead booked Ronaldo for simulation much to him and his team's dismay, ruling him out for their upcoming game.

Ronaldo and the entire team were livid and protested the decision, earning Tony Kroos a yellow card. 

Before thing settled James Rodriguez and Ronaldo scored, which led to yet another controversial moment where during Ronaldo's 300th Real Madrid goal celebration, it looked as though he made a rude gesture to referee.

Although the evidence is not concrete, Spanish television contends that the winger signalled to the referee to "Steal this, F*cker"

Actions speak louder than words and the video clearly suggests this as he also made "stealing" gestures towards Melero Lopez, justifying the fan's accusations.

By Eoin Donnelly