Sport Ireland threatens to suspend IABA funding if terms are not met

Sport Ireland threatens to suspend IABA funding if terms are not met

Sport Ireland has suspended its funding to the IABA but the decision won’t impact on the boxing association until September.

In a statement Sport Ireland acknowledge the progress made by the IABA in recent months including implementing two key recommendations made in the wake of the team’s disastrous performance at the Rio Olympics.

The IABA agreed to relocate the High Performance Unit from the National Stadium to the Sport Ireland Institute in Abbotstown and they appointed Bernard Dunne to the position of High Performance Director.

“However there remain significant issues of concern. The Board of Sport Ireland met in Dublin on Friday, June 2nd, to discuss the developing situation within the IABA. The Board of Sport Ireland deemed that the IABA is in breach of its terms and conditions of funding and took the decision to suspend all funding to the IABA, effective from July 1st, unless certain criteria are satisfied,” according to the statement.

Sports Ireland has demanded that the IABA introduce a new rule book by June 30th.   This new document would give the High Performance director full authority over the selection of teams for international competition as well as automatically giving him the position of team manager for elite championships aboard such as the Olympic Games.

Interestingly the statement says Sport Ireland recognises Joe Christle as the Chairman of the IABA and has no reason to believe that there is another Chairman of the organisation or an alternative board.

There is an ongoing internal dispute within the IABA over the composition of the IABA’s Board of Control with both Joe Christle and Waterford boxing official David O’Brien claiming to be chairman of the board.

The IABA has to date received 75% of its Core and High Performance funding for 2017 which means the organisation is fully funded until the end of September.

This decision will not impact Sport Ireland’s direct athlete investment through the International Carding Scheme in 2017.