Michael Conlan and Steven Donnelly reprimanded for Olympic betting

Michael Conlan
Michael Conlan

Two Irish boxers have been sanctioned for placing bets on fights at the Rio games.

In a judgment released today, the IOC named Michael Conlan and Steven Donnelly as the two Irish fighters who violated the IOC rules.

The duo have to 'demonstrate, in order to have his accreditation validated for the next edition of the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020, in the event that he is eligible for that competition, that he has successfully followed the educational programme of the IOC', although Conlan has already turned professional and Donnelly is expected to follow suit.

In the detailed summary it is confirmed that Conlan bet on boxing competitions at the Olympics, though none involving himself.

Donnelly did place two bets on himself to lose his first fight against Tuvshinbat Byamba, stating to the investigators that 'he had bet without intending to cheat by losing his match to win his bets, rather, winning the bets would be some compensation in the event he lost his match;' 

Donnelly won that bout and while he lost his second fight, he had not placed any bets on that match.

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