Floyd Mayweather fancies a rematch with Manny Pacquiao

The first meeting wasn't a classic but it looks like we are headed for a rematch
The first meeting wasn't a classic but it looks like we are headed for a rematch

The winner of the big fight in Las Vegas on Saturday night, Floyd Mayweather, wants a rematch with Manny Pacquiao, according to reports in the US.

It was the fight everybody wanted but nobody enjoyed. However, Floyd Mayweather's bout with Manny Pacquiao generated an enormous amount of money and in boxing, that usually calls the tune.

The undefeated Mayweather extended his record to 48-0 with the convincing points win over Pacquiao on Saturday night and now the welterweight champ has been in touch with some media friends in the US to say he wouldn't mind fighting the Fillipino man again.

With talk of Pacquiao carrying a shoulder injury into the fight, the case could be made for a rematch but the manner of Mayweather's win suggests that another meeting would surely end the same way.

Plus, with so many viewers being so disappointed with the fight at the weekend, surely a second meeting would not generate anything close to the same amount of cash for either fighter.

Mayweather has already said he plans to fight again in September, and if, or more likely when, he wins that he will go to 49-0, level with the great Rocky Marciano's record.

That would tee up MayPac II as the chance for Mayweather to reach 50 and ride off into the sunset as the greatest of all time (in his head at least).

While the demand is patently not there right now for a rematch, we suspect it is now almost certain to take place.