Breaking: Quillin fails to make weight so Lee fight is not for title

Andy Lee.jpg
Andy Lee.jpg

Earlier this evening we told you that Andy Lee's title challenger Peter Quillin was struggling to make weight.

Now the worst fears have been confirmed and the man known as Kid Chocolate failed to make the 160lb limit for the WBO title fight.

What that means is that while the fight will still go ahead tomorrow night in Brooklyn, the belt will not be up for grabs so even if Lee loses, he will retain the title.

The debacle began at the official weigh in. Lee weighed in perfectly, about half a pound under the limit.

Quillin, however, weighed in almost a pound-and-a-half over. He was given two hours to make wieght and despite managing to lose a bit more, he finally weighed in at 160.6, over the limit for the bout.

The fact it is now a non-title bout certainly means the fight loses some of its lustre, though it it still should be a great match between the Limerick man and the undefeated American.

UPDATE: A statement from Quillin via Twitter