Bookie reveals staggering support for McGregor to beat Mayweather

McGregor and Mayweather will face off on August 26
McGregor and Mayweather will face off on August 26

It is just over a week since the McGregor v Mayweather fight was announced and the money has been pouring in for the Dubliner, according to Paddy Power.

The bookie released figures today showing that a staggering 91.9 per cent of bets so far have been on the UFC man to defeat the unbeaten boxer.

The cash has been with McGregor too, with just over 63 per cent of the money wagered going on the local boy.

The weight of cash has shifted the odds considerably over the last eight days.

Paddy Power says they opened McGregor at 13/2 to end Mayweather's 49-bout unbeaten run.

Now he is just 4/1 and the American's odds are going the other way.

The 40-year-old boxer was priced at a skimpy 1/14 but he is now in to 1/6.

The bookie says that the biggest single bet placed on 'Notorious' is £1,861 (€2112) at 11/2 which will return £12,096.50 (€13,731) should he win while the biggest bet on the American is £5,000 (€5,677) at 1/6.

US bookies have also reported similar trends, and at the Bovada sports book in Las Vegas, McGregor is now priced at 15/4.

ESPN also reported that of the first 144 bets on the August 26 fight at Ceasar's Palace, 140 were on McGregor.