BBC attempt to claim Irish golfer as British

Paul Dunne
Paul Dunne

The BBC has attempted to claim an Irish athlete as British for the second time in less than two weeks.

Last week the BBC was forced to edit an article on Conor McGregor's title-winning fight after public outrage erupted on social media after the broadcaster claimed the fighter was British.

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Now it's the turn of Irish amateur golfer Paul Dunne who has already been claimed by British sports pundits after he stunned the golf world by leading the British Open.

Ireland's latest sporting hero was lining up to take his tee shot on the 17th hole in St Andrew's after two British golfers hit out of bounds shortly beforehand, when Mark James commented that he did not want to see another British player hit three off the tee.

“We saw Eddie Pepperell come to grief here… so let’s not have anymore British out of bounds,” he said.

The Irishman is on the way to become the first amateur to wind the British Open since Bobby Jones in 1930.