Hammer champion uses gold medal to pay taxi fare after night out

Pawel Fajdek and his medal
Pawel Fajdek and his medal

Newly crowned world hammer throwing champion Pawel Fajdek used his precious gold medal to pay for a taxi after a big night celebrating his success.

The Pole claimed the title in Beijing at the weekend with a throw of 80.88m, defending the title he won two years ago in Moscow.

But things went awry when the 26-year old went out to celebrate his success.

According to The Independent, Fajdek was spotted by Polish journalists 'drinking a lot' at a party and that may help to explain what happened next.

Fajdek woke up in his hotel the next morning and there was no sign of his precious gold medal. He called the Chinese police, who helped him retrace his steps all the way back to the taxi that brought him home.

When the police got in touch with the driver he informed them that the athlete had paid for his trip home with his gold medal.

The athlete was quickly reunited with his medal, presumably after paying his fare with some cash.