Olympics 2016

Video - Paddy Barnes' reaction to Conlan's defeat says it all

Michael Conlan stunned by his defeat
Michael Conlan stunned by his defeat
Conlan lashed into amateur boxing in his RTE interview
Conlan lashed into amateur boxing in his RTE interview

Paddy Barnes expressed the views of the Irish nation as he looked on in disbelief as Michael Conlan's Olympic dream was dashed in cruel fashion in Rio.

The outcry over Conlan's controversial defeat against Vladimir Nikita will be the talking point of Ireland's troubled boxing campaign at Rio 2016, with the victim of the latest injustice inside an Olympic boxing ring not holding back as he gave his view on the verdict to RTE.

"They are cheats, ***king cheats," declared Conlan as he lambasted the judges. "I was here to win Olympic gold and my dream has been shattered. 

"Amateur boxing stinks from the core right to the top. They are cheats and they will always be cheats."

Conlan's Irish team-mate Barnes backed up his colleague's feelings, as he clearly suggested the judges had been paid off to give a decision to the fortunate Russian 'victor':

This was the heated reaction of the RTE studio guests as they summed up a woeful boxing campaign for Ireland at Rio 2016:

The Twitter fall-out has been predictably heated, with these comments hitting the mark:

Meanwhile, one shrewd bookmaker reacted to Conlan's defeat with this generous offer: