Olympics 2016

Katie Taylor's father says she looked 'frail and overtrained'

Peter Taylor celebrates with his daughter Katie after she wins a bout at the 2015 Games European
Peter Taylor celebrates with his daughter Katie after she wins a bout at the 2015 Games European

Katie Taylor's ex-coach and father Peter Taylor has said he thought his daughter looked 'frail' and 'overtrained' during her shock defeat in Rio earlier this week.

Speaking to Vincent Hogan in the Independent, Taylor said: 

"I thought Katie looked frail compared to how she usually looks. But every one of them looked overtrained.

"Again, you could see the tactics were absolutely terrible. No matter what the scoring is, boxing is boxing. You hit them, they don't hit you. I mean tactics won Katie the Olympic final in London, that's absolutely certain. But you can't control what the judges are doing, so you've just got to fight your own fight," he says.

Taylor's defeat to Finland's Mira Potkonen in her first bout in defence of her Olympic title on Monday was the pinnacle of a woeful tournament for the Irish boxers, who saw Michael O'Reilly hit with a failed drugs test before the Games even began, followed by defeat for team captain Paddy Barnes in his first bout.

Taylor also had a pop at the High Performance Unit.

"Every one of our boxers looked tired," Taylor tells the Independent. "They all looked overtrained. And everyone could see that the tactics were poor.

"You could see them being told to 'dominate, dominate, dominate'. But that's not what boxing is all about. It's simple, you go out and box. Hit your opponent more than you get hit. The best team we've ever sent away to the Olympics and it's been a shambles.

"But it (High Performance) has been falling apart since London. The timing of Billy Walsh going left it in a mess."

And in the Star, Taylor revealed that he hadn't spoken to his daughter since her defeat as he doesn't even have her number.

He refused to go into details on the reason he was no longer part of his daughter's coaching team but he admitted he was 'heartbroken' watching her lose her Olympic title.