Youths lucky to be alive after boat overturns on Irish river

Youths lucky to be alive after boat overturns on Irish river

Three youths were rescued from the water last night after a small boat overturned on the River Boyne at Mornington, Co Meath.

The Drogheda Coast Guards were called after the small boat failed to return to land.

Gardai confirmed the youths were aged 22, 24 and 25-years-old.

Clogherhead Lifeboat along with Clogherhead Coast Guard were also called to the scene.

The land team of the Coast Guards could hear people screaming for help in the sea when they arrived.

Three people where located clinging to an upturned boat approximately one mile east of Mornington.

The casualties were taken on board the Coast Guard boat and were transferred to the fishmeal area of the River Boyne, where first aid was administered by the Coast Guard land team and members of the RNLI from Clogherhead until the NAS ambulance arrived and took over.

They were brought ashore around 10pm and taken by ambulance to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital with suspected hypothermia. They remain in hospital this morning.

Drogheda Coast Guards said that all three casualties where not wearing life jackets and "were extremely lucky to survive this incident".

"Only for the quick thinking of the caller and the rapid response from all agencies involved were we able to bring this incident to a successful conclusion."