Youths cause flooding after opening three canal locks

(Pic: Irish Independent)
(Pic: Irish Independent)

THOUSANDS of gallons of canal water gushed down a Dublin street last night after a mindless act of vandalism left many local residents in fear for their homes.

One unit of Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) attended the scene near the the Black Horse Inn Inchicore after a group of youths opened three locks on the Grand Canal sending the filthy water water flowing down Tyrconnell Road. 

Members of DFB confirmed that they were constantly called to the area which is a popular swimming spot among youngster in the area.  However, they stressed they had never seen the situation "as bad."

It's understood the vandals opened the locks to allow water in the area they were swimming to swell. 

"It's so it fills up high enough so they can jump in," said one local man.

"They are always doing it.  It's so they can pull themselves out of the water so it reaches the top of the canal wall."

Another local man was in panic for his property.

"It is getting very close to the door.  My wife is panicking.  What if it comes in?"

Adam Cullen