Young Dublin mother whose partner was stabbed to death threatened with vile text messages about kids

Peter Conroy
Peter Conroy

A young mother who watched the killing of her partner alleges she has received text messages threatening to “chop up” her and her children.

Elaine Blount (22) was present when the father of her two children Peter Conroy (25) was stabbed to death during a brawl at a B&B in Palmerstown village in County Dublin last June.

Today Ms Blount claims she was forced to flee the area after receiving a series of text messages threatening her and her two children, Sophia (3) and Annabelle (1).

Speaking to RTÉ’s Liveline earlier today she said: “If you don’t answer the doors, we’re going to come up and chop you up.”

Ms Blount was moved to the Tallaght Cross apartment complex in South Dublin following the death of her partner but said that after five months she “had to leave for the sake of the kids”.

Another text received by the 22-year-old read: “[We’ll] kill you and the kids in the apartment”.

The young mother-of-two told host Joe Duffy that she was now living in a “tiny room, no bigger than an average bathroom” in a B&B in Rathgar.

Struggling at times to speak, she said she felt abandoned by South Dublin Council County [SDCC], which, she claims, have refused her request to be given a house.

“I’m cracking up. I’ve no one helping. I was up with the Council and asked them to house me but they said they can’t help.

“I was up in the doctor and I told him I was suffering with depression and stuff and then I went back to the Council and told them… but they literally wouldn’t do anything for me and my kids.

“It’s disgraceful… I’m staying in Rathgar in a B&B in a tiny room, no bigger than an average bathroom.

“I just want someone to help me - I’ve never had the start of a life with a house for my kids.”

She continued: “Everything I cry my little daughter says ‘mommy is it daddy’, she picks up the picture of him and asks ‘Is it daddy?’

“It really does break my heart… I can’t deal with it anymore.”

Also detailing Ms Blount’s current situation was her mother Philomena, who said that SDCC had been unable to help the pair because they had “too many homeless people” to deal with.

“You should see her room [at the B&B], it’s very tiny. There’s no where for the kids to play.”

The Meath woman, who said she had been homeless for most of her life, told host Joe about her 16 other children but said that none of them where in a position to help her or Ms Blount.