Yesterday was the hottest day of the year - but make the most it, Met Eireann says

Sun! A young lady waters the plants in Stephen's Green in Dublin
Sun! A young lady waters the plants in Stephen's Green in Dublin

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far, according to Met Eireann, with temperatures reaching as high as 19 degrees in places.

The Midlands received some of the hottest weather, with temperatures in Gurteen in Tipperary reaching 18.7 degrees. 

Temperatures at Oak Park in County Carlow reached 18.5 degrees while the Phoenix Park in Dublin city registered a balmy17.6 degrees. 

It's another hot day with temperatures already topping the mid-teens up and down the country. 

Forecaster Gerry Murphy said temperatures today will reach between 13 degrees and 18 degrees

“Temperatures are above average at the moment but they’ll be below average for the weekend, he said. 
“Some places will get above 18C this afternoon, and the highest values will be in inland areas. The coolest temperatures will be on the south and east coasts, and they’ll be around 13C.
“Tonight will be another chilly night. It’s quite early in the year so temperatures will be dropping to between one and four degrees.
“Tomorrow we can look forward to another good day of temperatures at 16 or 17C.“
The gorgeous weather is expected to persist until the weekend, when temperatures will drop to as low as 9C with an increase of cloud cover. Friday is expected to turn cloudy and temperatures will begin to drop, Murphy said. 
“On Friday, we will see the beginnings of a change in the weather. It’ll be a cloudier and breezier day and temperatures won’t be as high - roughly about 11-15C. There will be some showers in the east, with rain and drizzle moving later into the West on Friday.”
“On Saturday and Sunday, there will be a notable drop in temperatures. Temperatures will be down between nine and 11 degrees, so we’ll see a significant difference.”
Early indications, however, suggest the weather will pick back up early next week.