Yellow weather warning issued for the weekend

Yellow weather warning issued for the weekend

It might be an idea to revise your plans over the next few days as a yellow weather warning comes into force this afternoon.

Mid-August weekends are generally meant for BBQs, beaches and general outdoor activities - even in Ireland - but this weekend dares to be different.

According to Met Eireann, A deep Atlantic depression is approaching from the southwest and will track east over Ireland on Friday night and early Saturday.

This is expected to generate some unseasonably strong southwesterly winds, with the strongest winds affecting southwestern and southern coastal counties.

Gusts as strong as 80 or 90km/h are possible in coastal areas as rough seas are expected with some heavy thundery rain or showers at times.

The national forecaster warning is in place for Wexford, Clare, Cork, Kerry and Waterford. It comes into force at 3pm this afternoon - and will remain in place until Saturday at 6pm.

Although we might be lucky to grab some dry spells today, the weather will mainly be wet and windy and warm. Temperatures are forecast between 17and 20 degrees.