Wrap up as temperatures set to plunge well below freezing next week

We can expect lots of frost and ice over the next week
We can expect lots of frost and ice over the next week

Met Eireann's forecast for the next few days predicts that temperatures will get as low as -4 or -5 next week.

After being battered by storms and rain for what seems like forever, next on the Irish weather menu is a bout of sub-zero temperatures, sleet and even snow.

The chill can already be felt in the air but the real bite begins tonight.

Temperatures will hover between +2 and -2, leading to ground frost and possible patches of ice.

There will also be hail, sleet and the possibility of snow on mountainous areas.

Saturday will start off wet and cold, with that rain falling as sleet or snow in places. However, it will dry up, brighten up and thankfully warm up later in the day, with temperatures staying above zero.

Saturday night/Sunday morning is when the real deep freeze begins.

Met Eireann say that Saturday night will see temperatures go down below zero and we can expect it to be -4 or -5 on some nights next week.

Motorists should be careful as these lows will lead to icy patches on roads.

Sunday and Monday will be pock marked with showers but Tuesday will see a north to northwest winds arriving, making it feel very cold.

Day time temperatures will be in low single digits and there will also be more showers of sleet or snow on higher ground.