World's fattest man dies of a heart attack on Christmas Day aged 38

Andres Moreno (Image via USA NEWS TODAY/YouTube)
Andres Moreno (Image via USA NEWS TODAY/YouTube)

Andres Moreno, who was dubbed the world's heaviest man when he tipped the scales at 70 stone, has died of a heart attack in Mexico aged just 38.

Moreno suffered the heart attack as he was en route to a private hospital from his home.

The Mexican had made significant progress in his bid to return to a healthy weight in recent months.

In October he underwent a stomach bypass operation, and he had already lost almost 20 stone from his maximum weight so that he could go under the knife.

Earlier this month he had managed to walk for the first time in three years.

In quotes carried in the Mirror earlier this month the former police man spoke about getting back on his feet.

“My legs were trembling like a new-born foal’s but thankfully I can stand up by myself and walk by myself,” he said.

“I realised I was putting on more and more weight and getting bigger but it was like a snowball I couldn’t stop.

“I lost my wife, who I lived with for three years and left me because I was fat.

“Friends and family would visit me and when they went I was left alone crying and sad because of my situation and begging God to put me back on the right path.

“I hit rock-bottom when I couldn’t get out of bed and go to the toilet or wash myself.”

In recent months Moreno had spoken about finding a girlfriend and starting a family as well as setting up an organisation to help overweight people.