Women arrested after attacking husband for excessive farting in bed

Excess gas leads to a short spell in jail
Excess gas leads to a short spell in jail

A Florida women faces charges of battery after kicking and elbowing her husband in a row about his farting.

According to CBS12 in Florida, Donald Fitzroy Meikle told police that his wife Dawn elbowed him when he farted in bed on the morning of December 11.

Dawn claims she eventually kicked him out of bed as he wouldn't stop farting.

Dawn then relented and let her husband back in the marital bed but Donald farted again.

When this happened it is alleged that Dawn kicked and elbowed her husband, allegedly forcing Donald to try to grab a hold of his wife for his own safety.

During the ensuing struggle Dawn suffered a cut to her lip while Donald suffered a number of scratches to the chest.

Dawn told police she ran to the bathroom to call 911 and she also used pepper spray during the incident.

Mrs Meikle was charged with misdemeanour domestic battery and after a brief stint in St. Lucie County jail she was released.