Woman trapped in river rescued by garda using utility belt


A heroic garda rescued a young girl trapped in a river by using only his utility belt.

Garda Frank Stafford from Listowel Garda Station rescued the 21-year-old woman when he heard her shout after falling into the River Feale.

Using his utility belt he was able to pull the young woman from the river.

Witnesses said the young woman didn't need to go to hospital but was shaken after the incident.

Local councillor Jimmy Moloney (FF) said he "assumes" the woman was partaking in a tradition of the Listowel Races called 'throw me down something'.

"The Listowel Races are on at the moment and as tradition locals go under the footbridge at the race course and people pass down coins and winnings from the races," Cllr Moloney told

"They've tried to stop it a couple of times because it's dangerous but I've never heard of any other incidents like this one. I assume she was partaking in the tradition at the time."

Garda Frank Stafford has been hailed a hero before in the town when he and two other colleagues  Garda Ronan Kelliher and Garda Aoife O'Connell rescued a 61-year-old man who was asleep while his house was burning down in College Cross in 2014.

Catherine Devine