Woman tells of finding best friend Cathriona White’s body

Jenny and Caithriona
Jenny and Caithriona

Cathriona White’s best friend has spoken about how she found the tragic Irish make-up artist’s lifeless body in a spare bedroom of her $1million L.A home.

TV producer Jenny Burpee told The Star how she became worried about Cathriona after she failed to reply to her text for four days.

30-year-old Cathriona had been dating Hollywood A-lister Jim Carey on and off for some time.

Jim Carrey and Cathriona White

Jim Carey and Cathroina

Jenny made the discovery alongside her 8-year-old niece and pals Lena and Den.

“She was in the second bedroom on the bed, and her phone was still plugged into the wall," Jenny said.

32-year-old Jenny contacted the police, who cordoned off the area.

“I just knew something was wrong when she didn’t reply to my texts on the fourth day.

“I’ve lost my best friend, my soul sister. I will never get over it.”

Jenny fears that Cathriona may have been in the house “for days “after her home’s CCTV system showed her failing to leave the property after returning home on Thursday 24th of September.

Describing the heart-breaking moment, Jenny said:

“We got there and the door was open.

“We walked inside and went through the hall, all of us and thank god, Lena’s boyfriend (Den) was in front.

“We checked her bedroom, which is quite open with a large window and she wasn’t there. Then Den checked the second bedroom and she was there, on the bed.

“My niece had been running down the hall shouting ‘Cat, Cat’.

“Thank god we were behind him (Den) and didn’t see. Her phone was still charging in the wall.”

They immediately closed the door and called the police.

Cathriona White’s body was discovered on Tuesday.

An autopsy has not yet been carried out and toxicology results are expected to take eight to 10 weeks to determine Cathriona's official cause of death