Woman nearly has hands torn off in horror dog attack

Woman nearly has hands torn off in horror dog attack

A woman who is believed to be in her twenties was viciously attacked by a Bull Mastiff dog yesterday morning.

Gardai arrived on the scene shortly after 9am and were forced to draw their batons and strike the dog during the attack which left the woman with serious injuries to both of her arms.

The incident occurred at a house on Upper Cork Street in Mitchelstown in East Cork.

The victim was rushed to Cork University Hospital where she underwent emergency surgery to save her hands which were mauled in the attack.

She remains in a stable condition.

Reports indicate that the animal belonged to the woman’s partner and was a family pet.

Currently the animal is being held at a secure location.

It is expected to be put down, said a local source.

According to Gardaí the incident is under investigation, though no formal complaint has yet been made.

Reports say the alarm was first raised when neighbours heard the victim screaming for help.

Rushing into the backyard of a property on Upper Cork St, Gardaí from the Mitchelstown Station were initially unable to pry the dog off the woman.

Forced to draw their batons, the officers struck the animal repeatedly until it ended its attack.

The Bull Mastiff is one of 11 dogs on the controlled breeds list in Ireland.