Woman flees home following sickening racist attack

Woman flees home following sickening racist attack

A mother of two has said she can never live in her house again after thugs spray-painted sickening racist graffiti on her home.

Rebecca arrived to her Clondalkin home to see “blacks out” scrawled across the windows of her house.

This latest incident comes just weeks after her tyres were slashed twice by local thugs.

The mother and her two children were inside the house during the late night attack and have now moved out.

“I can never live in the house again. We lived there for six years but I can’t let my children live there anymore,” she said.

The 39-year-old mum has now been forced to send her kids to live with a friend in Donegal.

"I had to send my children to stay with a friend in Donegal. It’s been terrible.

"I would be glad to meet whoever did this and ask them why.

"I don’t hold anything against anybody because it is unwise to do so.

"The right thing is to confront them and to sort out the issues.

"I’m not angry because I don’t want to come to that kind of level. I don’t want my kids to grow up with that mentality."

Local residents and People Before Profit Cllr Gino Kenny organised a clean-up operation for Rebecca’s home.

It’s horrible. This act must be utterly condemned,”he said.

“This racist attack is an ttack on the whole estate, the whole of Clondalkin and the whole country.

“I hope the family don’t leave because then the scumbags have won,” he added.

Local residents described Rebecca as a kind lady who looked after elderly people.