Woman attacked by belly-flop brute

The frightened pensioner spoke to us at the weekend
The frightened pensioner spoke to us at the weekend

This is the face of fear.

It shows the frail 79-year-old pensioner who a fat, convicted bully boy beat – with his belly.

The lovely lady, who invited Sunday World into her spic-and-span home yesterday, doesn’t want to be named, or her full-face picture to be used.

We agreed.

But this photograph of her peeking, still petrified, out of her own front door when we called tells its own tale of her terrifying ordeal.

This week, this brave and courageous Belfast woman testified in the city’s Magistrates’ Court  about how 58-year-old Morrison Wilson, built like a Sumo wrestler, who used his belly to ‘bounce’ her away from him.

A church-going senior citizen, she told us yesterday she had just gone to try to ‘console’ her near-neighbour Wilson who was embroiled in a parking dispute at the neat and tidy Rotterdam Court development at Bridge End in East Belfast.

But she told us she was met with a torrent of foul-mouthed abuse, visibly blanching as she sat on her settee and said that as a deeply devout Christian woman, she felt ‘ashamed’ to come over those words again.

Let’s just say he used the ‘f’ and ‘w’ words against her as she tried to calm him down.

But he grabbed her violently, puncturing the skin on her wrist for which she needed eight sutures as these horrible pictures show.

And then, as Wilson – who has since moved from the area – confessed in open court this week: “With my big belly…I just bounced her back.”

Now, the victim of the fat bellied thug denies claims Wilson made in court.

But, crucially, District Judge Ken Nixon believed her, and not Wilson.

He convicted the pot-bellied bully boy of common assault, and ordered him back to court next month to be sentenced.

Yesterday, his innocent victim told us: “I am talking to you now because I’m very afraid he’ll do the same to someone else, somewhere else, wherever he’s moved to.”

And this still pained but spirited pensioner who phoned our office yesterday morning and who will be in church to hear her pastor preach this Sunday morning said: “I’m talking to the Sunday World. I get it every Sunday. It tells the truth.”

The brave pensioner, who stood in court to defend her good name as the bullying meathead attempted to make excuses for his despicable actions also said that last year Wilson battered his way into her home, leaving the poor woman in fear for her life.

“He came in at midnight, just after 12 o’clock, and battered his way into my home, breaking the front door down,” said the compassionate pillar of the community.

It was also claimed in court that the victim fell after the attack by Wilson, but she said that she didn’t, and that any suggestion that she did fall over was nonsense.

She explained: “I didn’t fall over at all. That bully made other allegations against me, which are just plain lies. I didn’t even fall on the ground.

“He even said that I threw fertiliser at him and that it hit him in the face. Again, that’s not true.

“What happened was, after he tried to throw me to the ground, I lifted some soil out of a neighbour’s plant pot and threw it at him and it hit him on the arm – not the face.”