Wild orgies and glory holes aplenty at Dublin's sordid sex cinema

The adult cinema
The adult cinema
Wild orgies and glory holes aplenty at Dublin's sordid sex cinema
Wild orgies and glory holes aplenty at Dublin's sordid sex cinema
Wild orgies and glory holes aplenty at Dublin's sordid sex cinema

A NEW ‘adult’ cinema in a sex shop in Dublin city centre is hosting wild orgies where swingers romp in the aisles – all for the price of a €12 admission ticket.

The theatre, in a sex shop on Dublin’s Mary Street, shows porn films daily on a big screen while cinema goers are provided with ‘glory holes’ and private booths to enhance their movie experience.

The sex shop, which is located just metres from a children’s toy store, is a one-stop shop for sex-mad swingers and lone voyeurs.

In an exclusive Sunday World investigation, our team exposes the depraved ‘anything goes’ kink club which is run from notorious adult sex shop, GlamWorld.

Recognising that we are new to the scene when our undercover reporters arrive at the premises, we are immediately welcomed by a staff member onsite.

“Have you ever been before? Welcome to GlamWorld and what kind of orgasm are you shopping for?” is the unusual greeting.

When we enquire about the cinema, we are informed: “It’s better than UCI anyway. Hopefully you will have a good time. If you need the movie changed just let me know.”

Inside Glamworld

With the small talk over we are led to the back of the shop, where a code is punched into a black door that leads to a flight of stairs.

“There are two rooms and a bathroom. There are stalls with glory-holes and in the back there are booths that have dividing screens, you can pull the screen up if you want a little privacy. Play, enjoy. The one and only rule? Smoking is not allowed.”


Inside, we are immediately plunged into darkness. Rows of wooden benches littered with tissue take up the bulk of the space and an X-rated porn movie is playing on a widescreen TV.

In the main cinema area, a lone man is groaning softly; he is just one of the punters enjoying the view. For customers looking to get frisky, there is a line of black booths fitted with glory holes.

Sex cinema 

With things heating up, a young couple move to a larger back room that is equipped with chairs and sofas. Locking themselves in a dimly-lit booth, within moments they are performing a sex act.

The couple undress and leave the dividing partition down so voyeurs can catch a glimpse of their love-making.

The discreet venue may prove popular with sex-mad couples, but the sleazy sex den also caters to large groups who are looking to ‘play’, with many horny punters pre-arranging sleazy hook-ups online.

Benches and paper towels 

Proving a hit with randy clientele, one excited customer posts on popular swingers’ forum “Visited here earlier. Have to say it’s a nice spot compared to the place on Dorset Street.

“Clean and a few interesting nooks and crannies. Also pretty discreet to enter. The video playing was some extremely hot bi porn.

“And as any fans of bi porn know, it can be hard to find good scenes so this was an added bonus.

“There was a few other guys there. Not my type, though.

“Still the possibility of what might happen there with the right people really got me going and I ended up getting my c**k out and stroking it to the movie.

“I admit I got off on being watched. Can only imagine how hot being watched by some hotties would have been. This place has great potential especially if meets are pre arranged.

“It’s dark and seedy, which I personally find hot. Again I emphasise that it’s clean, which is important.

Not for everyone mind, but for those who like to be watched like me I think lots of fun could be had and more. And before anyone says I must work there or something I don’t, I’m just a kinky perv. Lol.

“And who knows maybe the right couple or guy might see this and decide to meet me and corrupt me a little more there some time.

“I have lots to learn. Haha also oils be a great spot for an impromptu mid day meet. I’m still horny here dreaming of the possibilities.”

Another frequent visitor, who goes by the name of ‘Candy Store’ writes: “In the right setting it’s a perfect place for letting your exhibitionist side out as you have a pretty captive audience.

 “Also it is pretty easy to control who is where so as long as you don’t mind being watched or touched while shagging someone (who of course you’ve gone with) it can really be a lot of fun.

While other members compare the popular porn cinema to “indoor dogging”, most customers are hoping to meet with other like-minded individuals.

Another customer, ‘Anardri’, writes: “You in the cinema earlier? Drop me a line if youbfancy meeting theretomorrow, you guys look sexy.”

Proving it’s not just singles who want in on the action, a user by the name of ‘WeLikeToBeWatched’ writes: “We went there and had fun with others a few times. Very nice place.

“We would be up for some prearranged evening fun.”