Wife of man shot by garda releases picture of him in hospital bed

Tomas Mikalajunas was shot in the head at a garda checkpoint last month
Tomas Mikalajunas was shot in the head at a garda checkpoint last month

The wife of the man shot in the head by a garda at a checkpoint last month has released the first image of him since the incident.

Gintare Mikalajuniene released the image of her husband Tomas Mikalajunas to The Limerick Leader and she also issued a statement where she says it is a miracle that her husband survived the shooting.

Via her solicitor Michael O'Donnell Ms Mikalajuniene said the bullet went downwards after her husband was hit in the right side of his face.

Tomas Mikalajunas

"Part of the lead is lodged around the top of his spine and had has not been removed. He has recently been removed from intensive care and now is in the high dependency unit in University Hospital Limerick.

"He is disorientated and he can't communicate. He has ear damage, his jaw bone is damaged, he has lost a lot of his teeth. He is fed at the moment through a tube. It is a miracle he is alive."

The shooting incident happened on June 28 at a garda checkpoint in Limerick. It is believed the gun discharged accidentally.

Another man in the car, Lithuanian Aurimas Petraska, has since appeared in court charged in connection to robberies in three counties.

The matter is being investigated by both the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) and the gardai in Limerick.

Her solicitor Micjhael O'Donnell added: 

“Mrs Mikalajuniene received a phone call in Lithuania telling her that her husband was in a grave and serious condition. This call was received from strangers.

“This is obviously a source of great upset and distress to her and her two daughters aged 12 and three.

“The distress is compounded as there are reports of her husband being involved in criminal activity.

“She is extremely mystified at this and grievously upset because her husband arrived in Ireland on June 23 with a return ticket for July 1.

“Her husband sourced work in the construction industry and was happy at giving his family the good news.

“She can’t comprehend how her husband came to be shot at very close range and is now in a serious condition in hospital.

“She now hopes the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission will investigate this is in a comprehensive, detailed and timely fashion and the truth of the 
circumstances surrounding the shooting will come into the public domain.”