Wife killer Eamonn Lillis returns to hide out in Dublin

Our man at the door of the wife killer's new home
Our man at the door of the wife killer's new home

THIS is the €285,000 cottage where ruthless killer Eamonn Lillis is hiding after returning to Ireland.

The Sunday World tracked down the smug wife killer to a little cottage in the leafy village of Kilternan in south Co. Dublin.

The 58-year-old fled to his sister in the U.K. last April after being released from prison for killing his beautiful wife Celine Cawley. 

He was handed a prison sentence of six years and 11 months for manslaughter.  

However, we can reveal that Lillis has returned to Ireland and hopes to make a new life with more than €1million he received after the brutal killing. 

The Sunday World has learned that Lillis is believed to be living in the modest pad at Moss Cottages, Kilternan, Dublin. 

The house was sold in August 2014 for €285,000.  

The cottage is secured by a sophisticated security system, with a buzzer and a small camera installed on the front door so Lillis can see any unwanted visitors.  

This little cottage is relatively modest compared to the plush €1.5million Rowan Hill pad in Howth, which he shared with Celine before killing her. 

Lillis remained in hiding when our team knocked on the door, with the curtains drawn. 

A swanky Mini car was parked outside the cottage. 

The Sunday World understands that Lillis believes enough time has passed for him to start a new life without the public recognising his evil face. 

He had been living in the U.K. near his sister in order to avoid the media, but we can reveal how Lillis snuck into Ireland last month. 

He spent Christmas with his family in the U.K. and returned to Ireland earlier this month. 

The monster’s bank balance has also been boosted since he killed his wife.

Celine was a successful businesswoman who made millions after establishing profitable businesses.

The killer pocketed a share of €425,000 from the sale of the Howth house. 

His daughter Georgia – who it is believed no longer talks to her dad – also received money from the sale.

The heartless coward also received €358,505 from a television company set-up by his wife, and a further €400,000 pension from the business. The criminal also made a significant €131,500 from the sale of an apartment in the U.K. and nearly €22,000 from investments. 

The beast viciously beat the ex-Bond girl to death with a brick in December 2008 after she discovered he was having an affair. 

The cheat lied to cops and initially told them that an intruder attacked his innocent wife in the back garden of their home. 

However, detectives suspected Lillis from the start of their investigation and discovered a suitcase in the attic which contained his clothes covered in Celine’s blood.