Wicklow man scoops huge Lotto jackpot and vows to help those in need

Another big winner at Lotto HQ today
Another big winner at Lotto HQ today

A Wicklow man who picked up a cheque for almost half a million today says that he will use his good fortune to help others.

The lucky punter, who has chosen to remain anonymous, collected a cheque for a whopping €472,548 after matching 5 + Bonus in Wednesday's draw.

The man purchased the winning ticket as a Quick Pick, on the day of the draw, at the Hillside Service Station in Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow.

Speaking after picking up his cheque, the man said: ‘As news of the large Lotto win spread through the town on Thursday afternoon, I said I better get my ticket checked, just in case.

'I was in a café having my lunch and I asked the girl behind the counter to check my ticket for me. She scanned the ticket on the National Lottery App on her phone and she let out a roar. I actually thought she had a bad turn before she calmed down and told me I had a winner.’ 

However, when it came to how he would cope with his new-found wealth, the man was very down to earth and vowed to help those less fortunate than himself.

‘This is an incredible, life changing amount of money to win but it will not change my personal outlook on life. I am heavily involved in charity so I will make sure this win improves the lives of many who are in need. I was in work at 6am this morning so I have absolutely no plans to give up work just yet,’ he said. 

However, he did anticipate one big change to his personal life, adding: ‘I am a single man, but not for much longer!’