Where the parties stand as Day 2 of counting starts

Taoiseach Enda Kenny at the count centre in Castlebar
Taoiseach Enda Kenny at the count centre in Castlebar

As we prepare to enter Day 2 of counting in General Election 2016, here is where the parties stand and what we can expect to come.

With some count centres going through the night and with others starting again at 9am this morning, here is the state of the parties with 95 of the 158 Dail seats filled.

Fine Gael: 28

Fianna Fail: 28

Sinn Fein: 13

Labour: 4


Social Democrats: 3

Independent Alliance: 3

Green Party: 1

Independents: 10

Today's Irish Independent is predicting that Fine Gael will end up with 51 seats, Fianna Fail with 44, Sinn Fein with 24, Labour with just 5 and Independents and others with 34.

We are predicting Fine Gael to finish on 54, Fianna Fail to get to 45, Sinn Fein on 22, Labour on 6 and Independents and others on 31.

With all the first counts completed, here are the first preference percentages for each party

Fine Gael: 25.5%

Fianna Fail: 24.3%

Sinn Fein: 13.8%

Labour: 6.6%

AAA-PBP: 3.9%

Social Democrats: 3%

Independent Alliance: 4.2%

Green Party: 2.7%

Renua: 2.2%

Independents: 13%

Others: 0.7%

Counts in many places will resume this morning but in Wexford a full recount has been called by Sinn  Fein's Johnny Mythen so they will now start a full recount on Monday morning.

Many Ministers fell yesterday and more may follow today. Communications Minister Alex White was first to go, former Justice Minister Alan Shatter followed while Minister Jan O’Sullivan and Junior Ministers Kathleen Lynch and James Reilly look like the could be in serious trouble later today.

Overall there is a feeling that the leadership roles of both Enda Kenny and Joan Burton may be in threat and we are none the wiser as to what sort of government may be formed when the seats are finally allocated.

However, the always on the ball Paddy Power have a Fine Gael/ Fianna Fail coalition priced at 1/4 this morning.