Well-liked Limerick biker shot dead named as Andrew ‘Odd’ O’Donoghue

Andrew 'Odd' O'Donoghue was shot dead yesterday in Limerick
Andrew 'Odd' O'Donoghue was shot dead yesterday in Limerick

The man who was shot dead in Limerick yesterday has been named as Andrew ‘Odd’ O’Donoghue.

Three men, two in their late 40s and one in his 20s, have been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting which occurred at Mountfund in Murrow.

It is reported O’Donoghue, who was a well-liked member of biker group Road Tramps Motorcycle Club Ireland, was ‘blasted in the face’ in a drive-by shooting which gardai believe was carried out by a rival biker gang.

He was shot at close range by a man with a shotgun at the group’s clubhouse as he went to lock up a gate. CCTV footage from the clubhouse cameras is now being examined for clues.

The 51-year-old was pronounced dead around 5pm yesterday at University Hospital Limerick.

Tributes have been pouring in to the victim on social media, with one poster saying: “My brother Odd gunned down today by scum. Words cannot explain how gutted I am. My best mate gone.”

Another poster added: “There is one little girl this morning with no father because he was executed yesterday while going to feed clubhouse cats”, while another said: "A cold heartless act.. so sorry for your loss guys and the loss to his precious child."

Local priest and friend of the motorbike enthusiast, Fr Tom Ryan, said he was deeply shocked at the shooting, saying he had led a quiet life and had a daughter, Ava, with his long-time partner Catherine Danaher.

He added that he was “an inoffensive man” with a “serious interest in motorbikes”.

Gardai are keeping an open mind on the shooting and consider it the result of a falling-out between bikers, but that Mr O’Donoghue was not known to them.