"We'll Leave It There So"; Ireland reacts to the death of a legend

"We'll Leave It There So"; Ireland reacts to the death of a legend

The death of Ireland’s most beloved sports anchor Bill O’Herlihy has caused a wave of emotion throughout the nation.

On Twitter, the hashtag #Okeydokey is trending in memory of the RTÉ great.. 

Bill retired from less than a year ago after 50-years of service to the broadcaster.

“I take my leave with so many great memories through more than 40 years of sports broadcasting.

I’ve been lucky to be part of a huge, positive development in RTÉ sports coverage that got so many great occasions to the public but my work on soccer, and most especially with the Three Amigos here, has been the great highlight of my career.

“Eamon and I have soldiered together since the 70s, John since the 80s and Liam from the 90s.

You’ve brought knowledge, insight, controversy and greatly importantly, a sense of fun to our coverage which by any measurement has been outstandingly successful.

“Of course we’ve had our differences like when I sometimes lost the run of myself and imagined I was an analyst rather than an anchor and I got very much put in my place, but I’ve had so much fun over the years, learned so much about football and frankly, and there’s no doubt about this, I have piggybacked on the talent of these three gentlemen.

“Through working with them I have been privileged to serve you, the viewer, and you have been astonishingly generous down through the years.

I thank you for that. “Now I leave the studio and I’ll view your work from the other side of the screen.

I wish you continued success but like the Skibbereen Eagle, I’ll be keeping an eye on you.

“So we’ll leave it there so. Okey doke. “Good night and God bless.”