Water bills set to be issued this week

Water charges protests have broken out across Ireland in recent months
Water charges protests have broken out across Ireland in recent months

The furore over the Irish Water charges is set to be reignited this week, as the first bills arrive through the letterboxes of customers across the country.

A huge logistical operation has been put in place to co-ordinate the distribution of bills, with the system put in place by Irish Water set to be tested to the full in the next few weeks.

The plan is for the first 39,000 bills to be issued in the coming days, with 1.7m bills being released in total as the first wave of payments are set to be demanded.

Elizabeth Arnett, head of communications and corporate services with Irish Water, admitted the utility would face challenges during the initial billing period, and that the group still has incomplete customer information and unregistered customers.

“It’s a significant task and we expect to face challenges, particularly, for example, when we have incomplete customer information or unregistered customers,” she said in quotes appearing on

“In these cases we may not have the right billing details and it’s possible that the details we have may not be 100pc correct.

“Having said that, our billing systems are working well and our contact center staff are ready to correct any data inaccuracies quickly.

“They are on-hand to answer any questions or concerns customers have.”

All Irish Water customers will receive their first bills by June 2015, with quarterly bills set to follow in a system that has been greeted with huge protests across the country.

Many have suggested they they will attempt to resist payment of the water charges, while Irish Water are still appealing for many to register with them in order to receive their first bill.

“No bill will be greater than €160 per year for single adult households or €260 per year for households with more than one adult,” confirmed Irish Water.

“It will take eight weeks to issue all bills in the first cycle so bills will arrive between April and June.  Any customer who hasn’t received a bill by June should contact the Irish Water Customer Contact Centre.”

This looks certain to be a story that will unfold over the course of the next few weeks, with the animosity towards the whole process from large sections of the population certain to make collection of money challenging for Irish Water chiefs.