Watch: Woman swept off a 40ft cliff and into wormhole on Aran Islands

The Indian student is seen trying to evade the huge wave
The Indian student is seen trying to evade the huge wave

An Indian tourist was lucky to escape with her life after being swept off the cliffs by a large wave on the island of Inis Moir.

Footage filmed by a small group of tourists showed the moment a wave crashed against the cliff and engulfed the young student. 

Apu Gupta, from Calcutta in India, was visiting the Aran Islands with her mother when the accident happened.

She was taking some pictures at the wormhole made famous by the Red Bull cliff diving event when the wave swept her off the cliff. 
Seamus McCarthy, an advanced paramedic with the Ennis Ambulance base, witnessed the incident and immediately sprang into action. He told that he initially feared the young girl had died.
“She must have fallen 30 or 40ft. We were sure she was gone and then we saw her backpack being washed out to sea. Then the next thing we just saw her at the bottom of the cliff,” said Seamus.
Ashis girlfriend Fionnuala rushed to get help, Seamus, assisted by a number of other tourists, attempted to reach Apu.
“Her mother was there and she was scrambling down the cliff ledges to get close to her daughter. I could see her limping close to the bottom of the cliff. The waves were still coming in so it was very dangerous. When I reached down I could barely get my fingertips to her,” he said.
The grouptied an army jacket to a rucksack and passed it down to the injured girl.
“She put the rucksack on and tied the bellystrap. As one of the others pulled her up and was able to reach out and grab her,” Seamus added.
He immediately brought Apu to a safe spot and assessed her injuries.
“She was very, very shaken and had a badly fractured ankle, but considering where she fell it was amazing that was all,” he said.
The young student was taken to University Hospital Galway where she was treated for her injured ankle. She remains in hospital but is making a good recovery.