WATCH: SIPTU boss O’Connor storms off Browne’s TV show in a huff

O'Connor has a hissy fit
O'Connor has a hissy fit

SIPTU general secretary Jack O’Connor had a bit of a barney with Vincent Browne on his show on TV3 last night – ripping off his microphone (well, at the second time of asking) and eventually leaving his seat before storming through the bewildered cameramen.

It all kicked off when O’Connor was on to talk about yesterday’s Dunnes Stores strike. There was banter about the Labour Party, TV3’s policies on staff, collective bargaining, etc, etc… but about 30 seconds into this clip it all kicks off.

The pair lock horns over Browne working for TV3 – and the host launches an attack on O’Connor.

An incredulous O’Connor then repeatedly asks: “Are you telling me what to do now? Are you telling me what to do now?” before Browne tries to douse the flames a bit. But not too much, naturally.

It didn’t work, and the Union boss throws off his microphone – along with his toys out of the pram – and storms off through the area where production staff are gathered.

It all ends with Browne in a paroxysm of laughter after the editing crew decided to play ‘Hit The Road, Jack’ over the closing credits.

Sure you wouldn’t get it in the playground!