WATCH: Journalist quizzes two ‘Yes’ campaigners removing posters

NewsBy Karl Doyle
The pair were quizzed over taking down the posters
The pair were quizzed over taking down the posters

Journalist Conor Pope snapped a pair of ‘Yes’ campaigners for the upcoming Marriage Referendum removing posters urging a ‘No’ vote in Dublin city centre – and quizzed them over their actions.

The Irish Times scribe spotted the two at the junction of Gardiner Street and Talbot Street just across from O’Shea’s Hotel and grilled them as to why they thought it was acceptable to remove them.

The pair, one of them masked, were decidedly reticent about explaining their actions, and the majority of ‘Yes’ campaigners have criticised their actions – calling it undemocratic and certainly not what the campaign needs.

Pope posted the video he snapped on his camera phone on YouTube, adding: "A couple of people decided to take down posters advocating a No vote on Gardiner St today. I don't care what side of the argument you are on, I believe that is not right.

“And I think it is doing the Yes side of the argument a great disservice."


*WARNING: Some expletives used