Warning to motorists after gardai stop 'dangerously modified' truck

The modified wheel that gardai tweeted about today
The modified wheel that gardai tweeted about today

Gardai have issued a warning to motorists after stopping a truck with what they describe as 'dangerously modified' wheels.

Gardai used the GardaTraffic account to post the picture before publishing a more detailed warning on their Facebook page.

The wheel, which looks like it is straight out of Mad Max, is not legal on Irish roads according to gardai.

In a statement, gardai said that not only was this type of alteration illegal, it is highly dangerous and they appealed to all motorists, but especially truck drivers, not to engage in this behaviour: 

According to gardai they spotted this truck driving in Dublin recently.

Gardai say the driver thought ‘It looks cool’ but they reminded everyone that this type of modification poses a serious risk to cyclists, pedestrians and all other road users.

The driver of the truck was required to remove the modification before they could drive off.

They also asked anyone who spotted similar modifications to to report it to Gardaí.