Warning to girls as young woman escapes “attempted abduction”

Warning to girls as young woman escapes “attempted abduction”

A young woman has had a lucky escape from what appears to be an attempted abduction.

The incident took place in broad daylight on Friday afternoon at 12:30pm.

18-year-old Lisa-Maria was walking home from Cork Institute of Technology when she noticed two men passing her as she stood talking to two religious missionaries.

“Two men one dressed in black on a black bike, cycled down past me towards the roundabout, another wearing a white cap and carrying a white plastic bag walked up towards the hospital direction,” she wrote on Cork’s Red FM’s Facebook page.

Fifteen minutes later, as she was walking towards a nearby roundabout the first man cycled up beside her and sparked a conversation. 

“I proceeded to walk to the roundabout, as I ran across the road to get into the island of the roundabout the man on the bike appeared behind me, and engaged in small talk as I walked to the green man. Waiting for the green man he stayed alongside me, talking, he then got off his bike and walked with me across the road and up the hill,” she wrote.

Suddenly the second man who was wearing a white cap appeared as they entered an estate.

“I told him I was going into the estate and he was adamant to walk into the estate with me. I walked In feeling uncomfortable as it was, when suddenly his friend in the white cap appeared out of the blue in the estate already.

“I felt I had been watched and followed then set up in the estate as the two stopped alongside me, sandwiching me in-between them.”

Luckily Lisa Marie told the men that she was being picked up by a car which drove past, she got around the corner and ran.

“I said I was being collected by a random car I'd spotted in the estate, walked fast away and ran once I met the corner.”

Lisa-Marie’s post ended in a warning to other local girls to remain vigilant.

“On Friday evening a young girl 17 was allegedly attacked and I heard an attempted abduction happened in the Silversprings area. This doesn't seem like a coincidence.

“I'm 18 myself and I don't want any other young girl in the cork area to be targeted or feel in danger when walking alone.

The post on Red-FM’s Facebook has been shared 5,613 times and liked over 6,000 times.

WARNING FOR CORK GIRLS TO BE VIGILANT - Lisa sent us this worrying email earlier. She will speak to Neil tomorrow...

Posted by Corks RedFM 104-106 on Sunday, 4 October 2015