Warning that Ireland will be flooded with new super strong Ecstasy

Ecstasy Tablets (FILE PHOTO)
Ecstasy Tablets (FILE PHOTO)

Pills five times stronger than normal could be set to hit Irish shores in time for the summer festival season, according to a leading drugs expert.

Tim Bingham of the Irish Needle Exchange Forum is quoted in today's Star warning of the dangers of the new type of Ecstasy tablet on our streets.

"We are definitely seeing pills with around 200 or 300mg of MDMA in them at the moment," said Bingham.

"The reason for this was because the precursor required to make the MDMA is now very widely available so we are seeing a lot stronger drugs than we would have seen in the past.

"In terms of harm reduction we would tell users who are taking these drugs to take a quarter of a tablet and then wait for the drugs to take effect. Otherwise we are going to see people overdosing."

The report claims that the drug can now be bought on the streets for as little as €5 per pill and that the super strong version of the drug originates in the Netherlands.