WARNING: Harmful link circulating that will crash your iPhone

WARNING: Harmful link circulating that will crash your iPhone

The link will immediately crash your iPhone or iPad, and it won’t be too pretty if you click on it from a different device either.

The link, which is going around on Twitter and various other social media platforms, is

It is not advisable but if you click on the link in Chrome or another desktop browser, you can see what the devious website does.

The site adds an infinite amount of numbers to the website’s URL in rapid succession, creating too many history entries for the browser to handle.

In the case of any iPhone or iPad, the site’s wicked formula will cause the devices to crash instantly.

Chief research officer at security firm F-Secure Mikko Hypponen explained how the website works.

He told Wired: "The problem is that it creates thousands of history entries. It takes longer to maintain the list than it takes new entries to come in. It becomes too much, and it tanks."

As Hypponen noted on Twitter, social media users have been sneakily hiding the website using link shorteners.

One user braved the website to show the immediate effect it will have on an Apple device: