Hooray! The warm weather is set to continue all week

Sunny weather here for a few days yet
Sunny weather here for a few days yet

It feels like spring has sprung in recent days as the temperature have started to climb and Met Éireann are forecasting more of the same for the rest of this week.

The first burst of warm and sunny weather of 2015 is set to hang around, with predictions that the temperatures could edge into the high teens for the next few days music to the ears of lucky kids who still have a few days of their Easter holidays left to enjoy.

While it may be stretching it a little to suggest this is a mini-heat wave, with temperatures dipping towards freezing at night, at least we are being given a reminder of what is to come in the next few month after the dark bleakness of the winter months.

The trouble is, the first rays of sunlight each year tends to inspire those who should know better to dust down their skimpy summer outfits in the expectation that summer has arrived.

So be prepared to witness the unexpected from your fellow Irish men and women if you are out and about over the coming days!

Met Eireann said tomorrow and Thursday are expected to be balmy, with temperatures reaching the high teens. 

"Wednesday will be dry with plenty of sunshine for most places", the forecast reads. 

"Light to moderate, southeasterly breezes will develop as the day goes on and temperatures will rise to between 12 and 17 degrees Celsius, coolest on southern and eastern coasts."

They added: "Dry conditions will prevail through Thursday also, with sunny spells in most areas."